Eumundi Markets turned 40 - March 2019

Discover Eumundi celebrated the history of what is now known as the Original Eumundi Markets, which started on Saturday 24 March 1979 with an exhibition in it's Wan'din'in arts space. 


This exhibition has been taken down and part of it moved into the Discover Eumundi main building. At 23 July 2019 it is still under construction.



Eumundi Markets 1983 taken by freelance photographer Ian Murray
Eumundi Markets 1983 taken by freelance photographer Ian Murray

MArket Memories

Over 15 hours of interiews were recorded with long term stallholders to mark the 40th Anniversary.

This was edited down to approx. 24 minutes with some old photographs added to the sound and has been upload to YouTube. It can be played below by clicking on the image.

a little market history

On 24 March 1979 three people gamely set up their stalls around Eumundi's CWA hall with refreshments served inside. There was a grand total of 8 visitors - not including the stallholders family members. The Eumundi Markets was up and running!
After only 1 year the markets gained a reputation as a source of energy, variety, freshness and friendliness, properties that still are present today but with an annual visitation that has grown to around 1.2miliion!

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