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Eumundi knitters

The Eumund Knitters meet every Friday in Eumundi to knit rugs for a local charity. You can join in at Discover Eumundi on Friday 21 April and 19 May from 9.30am. Gold coin donation for morning tea. To RSVP CLICK HERE

Knit your cares away Find bowls of knitting at the exhibition and in various cafes in Eumundi and further afield - feel free to add a few rows - locations CLICK HERE - knitting will be added to the Eumundi Knitters rugs. Meet the Eumundi Knitters at Affogato Gelato & Coffee Eumundi on Friday 31 March more details CLICK HERE

morning tea & talk

'ReToma' response to materials Artist Talk Friday 12 May 10am

Artist Kathleen Hunt will discuss her work and the work in Lost Arts as a response to the materials she gleans, which she has coined in a word she created ReToma based on the words response to materials. Followed by morning tea - gold coin donation. To RSVP CLICK HERE

Morning tea and talk

Tuesday 4 April 10.30am to 11.30am

Meet the Discover Eumundi exhibition curator and find out more about the objects in the exhibition and some not on display. Includes morning tea - gold coin donation. To RSVP CLICK HERE

Bring some Lost Arts to share...

meet the makers

Friday 9 June 5.30pm

A great opportunity to meet and chat with our curator and a number of the makers involved in the Lost Arts exhibition as it nears its close. Includes nibbles and cash bar. RSVP CLICK HERE

Friday during lost arts...

Every Friday from 10 to 1pm during the duration of the exhibition either the exhibition curator or artisans involved in the exhibition will be in Wan'din'in arts space to talk to visitors about the exhibition.

No need to rsvp just turn up.