Lost Arts... artisans

Anne Harris

Anne Harris is a conceptual artist who works with pigments, textiles, fibre and wood, some of the work is functional, some of the work is purely narrative.

To find out more about Anne's many projects and current work CLICK HERE

Kathleen Hunt

Kathleen mines the neighbourhood for discarded everyday items, then uses kitchen table technology to re-purpose found objects and materials as wearable art and sculptural works. To find out more CLICK HERE

Penny McIntyre

Working with metal, found objects, clay, precious metals, recycled wire and more to create sculpture and jewellery that relays a message, narrates a story or simply adds some glitz into someone's life. More about Penny  CLICK HERE

Monique Ellis

Monique is a self taught artist with a passion for creativity and innovation and a modern take on embroidery, transforming a traditional craft into unique contemporary artworks.

For more on Monique's work CLICK HERE


All the artisans above will be holding workshops or talks during the Lost Arts... and found exhibition. For details CLICK HERE

russell leonard - invited guest artist

Well known Adelaide artist Russell has been invited to exhibit his pop art cross stitch works. All painstakingly and meticulously hand stitched, each one takes the artist over 20 hours including research and design time.


Russell is also known for his popular hand screen printed tea towel designs ranging from a stressed out 1950's housewife to a quirky collection of vintage beauty ads.


The artist has exhibited in numerous galleries in Australia - the work shown here is a multicoloured screen print 400mm x 400mm called Steam Pudding which was on display recently for the Fringe Festival Adelaide. To see more of Russell's work CLICK HERE