eARTh Elements Exhibition

eARTh Elements Exhibition 30 Nov 2018 to 5 Jan 2019

Artists collaborate to connect glass, painting and pottery.

Sunshine Coast artists Helen Lawson, Annie McDonald, Mel Zaninni and Sandra Robertson engage their environmental values with the four physical elements of Fire, Air, Water and Earth directly into glass, pottery and paintings.

eARTh Elements is a play of words that connect the four artists through its fifth element Spirit as they illustrate the surroundings in which their community lives, the environment.

Elemental symbols and colours are explored to the extent there is a direct correlation between personal values, community connectives and shared responses in their artwork.

The artists have transposed the connection between the physical and spiritual expression onto canvas, within the fusion of glass and the humble clay of earth.

Helen Lawson's paintings radiate the beauty of flowers inspired by nature itself
. Annie McDonald’s creative glass is serendipity ‘pate de verre’ by design, eloquently delicate in stature though strong and radiant with a touch of mystic.

Mel Zaninni’s natural water colour paintings are delicately washed, combine paper collage and focus on encaustic with bee’s wax to create beautiful textures that are finely polished. Sandra Robertson’s pottery explores the earth element of natural clays into statements of concern for the digitisation and Wi Fi usage, unforeseen long-term impacts on the future natural environment.