Eumundi Houses project and Exhibition in 2020

project outline

At Discover Eumundi Heritage and Visitor Centre we are collecting information, memories, locations, ownership and photos of Eumundi houses - past and present to add to our heritage collection.


We are also developing an exhibition about Eumundi Houses which will be held in our Wan'din'in arts space in late 2020.


In 1998 a street survey was done of the town of Eumundi with photos taken of the front of houses and business houses. All these houses and new houses wll be photographed again as part of this project.

(All owners will be asked permission)

Search for your eumundi house online

In our photo collection we have over 400 photos of houses from the 1880's and they can now be viewed online.


To view these photos and lots of other photos relating to Eumundi and the surrounding area CLICK HERE


You might find a photo or two of a house that you own or owned, have lived in, or was once owned by someone in your family. You can also add to the information you find there as each object/photo has a comments section.


If you have photos of Eumundi Houses please send us the details through the form of this page and we will be in touch.

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You can leave memories of Eumundi Houses through this form or email to

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Find our Facebook Group called Eumundi Houses - ask to join the Group and be part of the research and the journey.

Expression of interest open to artists

We are looking for artists whose work relates to houses, family, the home to exhibit in the Eumundi Houses exhibition. More details CLICK HERE