Use of Wan'din'in arts space FAQs

some frequently asked questions

The following FAQs have been submitted by people interested in using Wan'din'in Arts Space.


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Are staff and/or volunteers available to answer queries during exhibition opening times?           

Yes but it is up to the exhibitors to supply information on the work

Are staff and/or volunteers available to handle sales of work?       

Yes – with the exhibitors supplying a sales sheet

Approximately how many people visit the Art Space on a daily basis?        

During the trial period from the opening in May 2015 to June 2016 approximately 2000 people visited  Wan’din’in  with a marked increase during the final quarter of the year due to a growing awareness of the space

What times and days is the Art Space open?

Discover Eumundi and Wan'din'in are Open 7 days a week.      

Monday to Friday 10 am until 3 pm

Saturday 10 am until 2 pm

Sunday   10 am until 1 pm

Exhibition openings are usually held on Friday evenings or Sunday afternoons out of opening hours at the exhibitors choice.

What are the details of the hanging systems in the Art Space?

There are hanging rails on three sides of the space with a variety of lengths of adjustable hooked-cables

Does the Art Space cater for 3D works - how many plinths are available?

Yes 3D work is catered for.  There are approximately 12 plinths of various sizes.

Can the artist display small and/or precious objects in the Art Space?

There are a variety of acrylic tops for plinth tops and a number of glass display cabinets.

Would Discover Eumundi volunteers be available to assist with an opening event?

No, the artist will be responsible for staffing and catering for opening events

Is there good access for delivering works to the site?

Work can be delivered in a vehicle to the door of the facility through Clem Park by arrangement with staff

Is there adequate car parking space available for an opening event?

There is plenty of on street parking in Gridley Street and Memorial Drive and nearby in Eumundi

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