Wan'din'in Arts Space Calendar 2019

The keeping of memories by Penny McIntyre on until Saturday 19 October

The need to collect and contain stuff - sometimes this need manifests into an obsession with collecting and containing.


People and creatures drift in and out of our lives - leaving small mementos of their friendship and love.


This is Penny's first solo exhibition with a  variety of jewellery and small objects on display and for sale. 


“This is an exhibition for everyone, if you wish to be challenged, amused or tempted, there is a variety of jewellery, critters in cages and remnants contained.  Collections of remnants from travels, animals, tip shop visits, broken toys etc that have shared my environment form part of this exhibition of jewellery and small objects”.

SILVERSMITHING WORKSHOP FOR BEGINNERS with Penny McIntyre in her Doonan Studio

Saturday 19 October 2019   9.30am until 3pm

Cost: $220 includes all materials

Mobile:  0438 518485

Using sterling silver and copper sheet you will create a beautiful pendant and earrings. 


For further information and to book CLICK HERE

Future Past Exhibition - Debra Dougherty opens Friday 25 October 5.30pm

All Welcome to attend the opening. Nibbles on arrival and cash bar available. RSVP to info@discovereumundi.com would be appreciated.

See this exhibition of climate emergency art which expresses Debra's and in many ways the world's grief. Here is Art that pokes and prods you, moves you, digs into your heart. Debra's solo exhibition is expressing her 'soul nostalgia'.

Collages with photos of children from early Australia are displaced into a frightening future. This will give you a sense of unease. Art to make you ponder our fragile place in time.

Our grand children will not share the earth with birds and trees like our grand parents did. Debra's expressive artworks will give you pause. Time to react with your heart. 

The exhibition continues until 16th November.

Friday 8 November 10.30am to 1.30pm

FREE Demonstration by the artist 

In this demonstration Debra will layer on acrylic paint , searching for a place deep inside herself that has strong feelings. She will then look at her expressive mark making to see what collage she will use that might add to the story.

Quote: 'My soul is grieving for our lost ecology. My fear that we have no future oozes out onto the canvas'.

Some time for discussion of ideas and methods will be interspersed with the demonstration. Tea and coffee supplied bring your own lunch, 

More details soon on upcoming exhibitions by Debra Dougherty, Kita Lawrence, Dom Violi and Roger Callen

images from previous exhibitions, meetings and events at Wan'din'in