Wan'din'in Arts Space Calendar 2018

By the waterside exhibition Friday 11 January to Saturday 9 February 2019

David Parker’s exhibition opens Friday 11 January at 5.30pm

All are welcome to attend the opening. There will be snacks on arrival and a cash bar available.


The paintings for “By the Waterside” are based on memories from David’s years of living in Noosa and exploring in the Noosa National Park.


As David describes it, “I was very fortunate with the time I lived in Little Cove to have the freedom and the desire to experience the natural beauty of Noosa. The Park is, as I have found in later years, a rare place of unusual rock formations, pristine coves and hidden places which can make you feel like you are in the dawn of creation, when everything was perfect”.


“The park also has her moods, as when the threat cyclones come and huge swells boom in the bays, and the world renowned surf breaks come alive. I was lucky enough to have my share of the offerings of the sea, yet the sea can be an uncompromising mistress, and break you on her shores or sink you deep into her depths, where you rise gasping and grasping for breath and life. The sea is both beautiful and forbidding, and is forever a part of me”.


Though David still visits the national park at times, it is the memories of those earlier years spent immersed in the nature of the sea and the coves of Noosa that are the inspiration for the paintings in this exhibition. Runs until Saturday 9 February.


images from previous exhibitions, meetings and events at Wan'din'in