Wan'din'in Arts Space Calendar 2018

TRACES exhibition by Jane parker and mo riggs

Traces exhibition on until Saturday 15 September

In Traces both artists have created a series of works which reveal hidden moments within our coastal paradise.  Jane has worked with fragments of places where natural and constructed environments coexist, while Mo has mirrored traces of the vast array of life under the sea. They have presented vignettes of life explored through time and tide. Both artists work to preserve the diversity and unique beauty of the Sunshine Coast.


As a life resident of the Sunshine Coast, Mo Riggs held her last sell out exhibition in 1998. Then, she departed for a sea change in Fiji. Over time, she has mastered a wide repertoire of techniques to portray the myriad life forms above and beneath the ocean. She has studied the undersea environment extensively during her time as a professional diver.


Her work preserves both the beauty and the wondrous complexity of life above and below the waterline. Now living back in Noosa, Mo has created a delightful body of paintings and collaborative sculptures for the “Traces” exhibition. Her intricately crafted works will take you on a marine journey and provide insight into the luxuriant worlds of the ocean.


Jane Parker is a Sunshine Coast artist whose work records traces of the relationship between nature and our built environment and is interested in recording spontaneous moments during walks in which these occur. She explores the beauty of often hidden interactions in quiet places on the coast.


For this exhibition, she has created a series of drawings in watercolour and charcoal.  Jane works in a loose technique with mark making which reflects the paradox between the ephemeral nature of these relationships and the ability of nature to regenerate in even the most unlikely places. Whether it be a straggly regrowth under a recent bridge, a vintage motor bike at Noosa National Park or small historical traces, these glimpses create a historical footprint of our environment.


Saturday 22 September until Saturday 20 October


Official Opening Friday 12 October 5.30pm

Nature is often a source of inspiration for many artists. In times of despair, nature can also be a source for solace, peace and rejuvination, and getting invlolved in some form or creative outlet can be a positive and healthy way of dealing with negative emotions.


Coinciding with Mental Health Week 2018, the 'Nature Nurtures' exhibition explores the healing powers of artistic expression with nature the inspiration for the works. A diverse compilation of artworks, including various visual and performing arts are presented by artists who understand mental health issues from their own personal experience and who find comfort through immersion in creative expression and in nature. This artists' collective is supported by Qld Mental Health Week and RFQ.

Mental Health Conversation Corner in the exhibition space hosted by RFQ: 10am to 2pm Monday 8 October to Friday 12 October during Mental Health Week.


images from previous exhibitions, meetings and events at Wan'din'in