Wan'din'in Arts Space Calendar 2019

UNSUBSCRIBE. - exhibition by Michael Ciavarella on until 27 July

Take a good hard look at yourself, your world, your emails, Facebook…
Is that who you are?

‘Unsubscribe.’ the exhibition is a visual silence, a chance for reflection and a reprieve from the over stimulation we all endure. 

A display of minimal paintings, projections and a reflection booth for willing participants to enter, all give a glimpse into the stillness of Michael’s mind.  Opposite to life’s hectic adventures, Michael finds solace and therapy in minimalism and his painting process.  A conscious silence, art making forces him into simplicity.

“My art is a way to minimise my life, although simplicity is scary sometimes”

Faced with questions we rarely give time to ponder, such as ‘who am I’ and disappointing truths about the fast-paced world, Michael regains hope through painting. 

An opportunity exists for viewers to also take a step outside their everyday obligations and reflect.  Immerse yourself in texture, colour and contemporary installation and take a good hard look at yourself…

The Reflection Room - an installation in the middle of 'Unsubscribe Me'

Concept and Installation by Michael Ciavarella

Words by Zoe Martin

The Reflection Room Installation offers viewers a unique experience into an entirely silent world.  Built from windows and mirrors and blackened to create a dark cell in which to block out any external environment, the Reflection Room allows just that, time to reflect.  So little priority is made to just sit and be present with one’s thoughts, ponder and meander one’s own mind totally uncorrupted.  In this installation Michael gives you a glimpse into what it feels like to enter a minimalist painter’s reality.  Contrary to our current and over stimulated world, reflection time is simple, solitude vital.  What you will see and feel inside and think of is entirely your own experience.  Inspired by only your own thoughts.  No social media, advertising images, movies or stimuli to prompt or provoke you.  Just you.  Look at yourself, a projection of you in these mirrors.  Are you who you say you are? Do you recognise the person staring back at you?  Did you see all you needed to see?

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