Wan'din'in Arts Space Calendar 2017

Discover Eumundi in the 1960's
Celebrating the 50th anniversary of the naming of the Sunshine Coast

Friday 25 August to Sunday 15 October

Official Opening Sunday 27 August 5.30pm


What was it like to live in Eumundi in the ‘60’s when there was talk of renaming the ‘Near North Coast’ to the ‘Sunshine Coast’? Discover the music people were listening to, what the main street was like, what was on at the School of Arts hall, hear memories of the town’s telephone exchange operators… find out if they listened in! View fabulous photos of the era, memorabilia and souvenirs. A chance to leave your own memories of the 1960’s and Eumundi and the surrounding area if you have them…

Emanuel Mbise working in the TST jewellery workshop
Emanuel Mbise working in the TST jewellery workshop

Taste of Tanzania - special event

Friday 20 October to Monday 23 October

Official Opening Friday 20 October at 5.30pm 


Ongea Nasi Kuhusu Upendo (Speak To Us Of Love) is the jewellery school/studio of the Small

Things (TST) in Nkoaranga Tanzania. The school regularly participates in craft fairs and markets. TST works to build families and futures for orphaned and vulnerable children in Tanzania. To find out how this innovative, holistic model, which prioritizes attachment, community, and local leadership, is achieving amazing results CLICK HERE


This exhibition will showcase some of the jewellery and craft items created by TST students. Sunshine Coast artist Christopher Hardwick has been volunteering his time since November 2016 teaching in the TST jewellery school and has recommended one of the talented students Emanuel Mbise to accompany him on a short trip back to Australia, to take part in this exhibition.


Emanuel has been invited to participate in the exhibition and will be displaying some of his contemporary art jewellery made in silver, copper, brass, aluminium and nickel silver. He will be demonstrating the techniques he uses to make these pieces, as well as his talents in the traditional Tanzanian crafts of beading and thread weaving.


Visitors to the exhibition will have a number of opportunities to meet and talk with Christopher and Emanuel. Integrated into the 'Taste of Tanzania' program will be an emphasis on Tanzanian history, art and culture and how traditional icons and motifs may  be contemporised. The importance of which cannot be over emphasised, as Tanzanian culture becomes more homogenised.

Jewels and Jackets
Kathleen Hunt and Libby Woodhams

Official Opening Friday 8 November time TBA - runs until Sunday 12 November


The latest collections of 'Tropical Merino' & 'Hunt Art Jewellery'. Brisbane artist Libby Woodhams and Cooran artist Kathleen Hunt are set to wow with their latest designer originals. 

As an artist, Libby brings a dynamic sense of colour and style to her clothing, passionate about finding the perfect piece to suit everyone. Kathleen’s jewellery - ‘wearable art’ is instantly recognisable. She repurposes the most prosaic of items to create stunning one-off pieces.

Tree Place - Anne Harris

Friday 17 November to Wednesday 10 January 2018

More details to come


'When a tree falls there is a space that it leaves behind, There is a place where it wood have been' Anne Harris 2015

More on Anne Harris and the Tree Place project CLICK HERE

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