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A fresh look - exhibition by dom violi

Runs until Saturday 15 February 2020.

Dom moved to the Sunshine Coast from Melbourne three years ago and now resides at Mt. Cooran. He is an Italian born Australian and has travelled extensively to many countries including Canada, Singapore and Italy where he has exhibited his art. 


“A Fresh Look” is the inspired artwork of Don Violi. His new exhibition stems from his love and fascination of the local landscape. Dom says, ‘through the changing colours and light on the mountains and trees that surround me, I am provided with constant inspiration for my work’.


In this art selection, semi abstract elements are incorporated with more realistic ones to communicate a joy and an interaction between the viewer and the observer.


Dom feels that he is ‘at times more concerned with the colour of places, rather than the image or representation of a place’.


#TheLocalVibe - by Kita Lawrence

#TheLocalVibe Project by Kita Lawrence
'At the beginning of 2018 I had this idea that I was going to photograph and interview the people of Eumundi and attempt to capture the diverse, vibrant and caring nature of this quirky little community.

What can I say, this project over the past two years has been mind blowing, never could I have anticipated the journey its taken me on so far! And now I finally get to share it with you all.'

Showcasing the collective vibe that flows through the community of Eumundi. An intimate display of portraits and heartfelt notions on personal gratitude and connections to the town.

Future Past Exhibition - Debra Dougherty

Exhibition continues until Saturday 16 November.

See this exhibition of climate emergency art which expresses Debra's and in many ways the world's grief. Here is Art that pokes and prods you, moves you, digs into your heart. Debra's solo exhibition is expressing her 'soul nostalgia'.

Collages with photos of children from early Australia are displaced into a frightening future. This will give you a sense of unease. Art to make you ponder our fragile place in time.

Our grand children will not share the earth with birds and trees like our grand parents did. Debra's expressive artworks will give you pause. Time to react with your heart. 

Friday 8 November 10.30am to 1.30pm

FREE Demonstration by the artist 

In this demonstration Debra will layer on acrylic paint , searching for a place deep inside herself that has strong feelings. She will then look at her expressive mark making to see what collage she will use that might add to the story.

Quote: 'My soul is grieving for our lost ecology. My fear that we have no future oozes out onto the canvas'.

Some time for discussion of ideas and methods will be interspersed with the demonstration. Tea and coffee supplied bring your own lunch, 

The keeping of memories by Penny McIntyre on until Saturday 19 October

The need to collect and contain stuff - sometimes this need manifests into an obsession with collecting and containing.


People and creatures drift in and out of our lives - leaving small mementos of their friendship and love.


This is Penny's first solo exhibition with a  variety of jewellery and small objects on display and for sale. 


“This is an exhibition for everyone, if you wish to be challenged, amused or tempted, there is a variety of jewellery, critters in cages and remnants contained.  Collections of remnants from travels, animals, tip shop visits, broken toys etc that have shared my environment form part of this exhibition of jewellery and small objects”.

UNSUBSCRIBE. - exhibition by Michael Ciavarella now on until 24 August

Closing party and sound installation

Friday 23 August 6pm
In response to the following philosophical quote, ‘Unsubscribe’ artist Michael ‘Civa’ Ciavarella with sound technicians Tam and Rim are creating a sound installation to close this very popular exhibition of Civa’s minimalist paintings and the surprising and engaging ‘Reflection Room’.
Quote by Paul Virilio a French cultural theorist and philosopher ‘this induced panic relies on a new, all seeing technology. And the first casualty of this is the human response. What we are losing is the very human ‘art of seeing’, one individual’s engagement with another or with an event, be that political or artistic. What we are losing is the sense of the aesthetic’.

There will be nibbles on arrival and a cash bar available. Be prepared for the unexpected… RSVP appreciated to info@discovereumundi.com

Take a good hard look at yourself, your world, your emails, Facebook…
Is that who you are?

‘Unsubscribe.’ the exhibition is a visual silence, a chance for reflection and a reprieve from the over stimulation we all endure. 

A display of minimal paintings, projections and a reflection booth for willing participants to enter, all give a glimpse into the stillness of Michael’s mind.  Opposite to life’s hectic adventures, Michael finds solace and therapy in minimalism and his painting process.  A conscious silence, art making forces him into simplicity.

“My art is a way to minimise my life, although simplicity is scary sometimes”

Faced with questions we rarely give time to ponder, such as ‘who am I’ and disappointing truths about the fast-paced world, Michael regains hope through painting. 

An opportunity exists for viewers to also take a step outside their everyday obligations and reflect.  Immerse yourself in texture, colour and contemporary installation and take a good hard look at yourself…

The Reflection Room - an installation in the middle of 'Unsubscribe Me'

Concept and Installation by Michael Ciavarella

Words by Zoe Martin

The Reflection Room Installation offers viewers a unique experience into an entirely silent world.  Built from windows and mirrors and blackened to create a dark cell in which to block out any external environment, the Reflection Room allows just that, time to reflect.  So little priority is made to just sit and be present with one’s thoughts, ponder and meander one’s own mind totally uncorrupted.  In this installation Michael gives you a glimpse into what it feels like to enter a minimalist painter’s reality.  Contrary to our current and over stimulated world, reflection time is simple, solitude vital.  What you will see and feel inside and think of is entirely your own experience.  Inspired by only your own thoughts.  No social media, advertising images, movies or stimuli to prompt or provoke you.  Just you.  Look at yourself, a projection of you in these mirrors.  Are you who you say you are? Do you recognise the person staring back at you?  Did you see all you needed to see?

lakeside diversity - an exhibition by noreen flood opens Friday 30 august

‘Lakeside Diversity’ is an exhibition in mixed mediums by multi award winning artist and art tutor, Noreen Flood. Born into an artistic Irish family it was not until emigrating to Australia in 2000 that led to a career change and formally studying art.  Travelling and living around the world extensively fostered a passion for visiting galleries in each area visited or lived was always present.

Currently showing locally and Nationally;  this solo exhibition interprets and portrays visual images from Noosa’s Upper Lakes in an expressive and contemporary style.

Formally studied art, photography, ceramics, life-drawing for several years from 2000 with further studies in different styles of art with such prominent artists as Mervyn Moriarty, Elizabeth Cummings and Michael Winters she has now created this unique, original style. 

Having travelled to Japan in May 2016 on an artists residency for 1 month including visiting many galleries to research Japanese artworks.  Plus, several weeks in the artists’ birthplace of Ireland doing a residency with one of Irelands top artists in 2017.  Influences from these residencies appear in this present body of works.

The artist developes works using many layers from freely expressed to controlled and focused with materials including paints, inks,mono-printing and collaging with delicate handmade papers.  


‘Lakeside Diversity’ will officially open at 5.30pm on Friday, 30 August and will be showing until Saturday 21 September.  All are welcome and there will be complimentary nibbles and a cash bar.


1 day workshop 10.30am to 3.15pm - Friday 20 September in mixed medium and collage, sharing tips and techniques. For further information call the artist directly on 07 54497928. Cost is $75 to includes a selection of materials and morning tea.

More details soon on upcoming exhibitions by Penny McIntyre, Kita Lawrence, Dom Violi and Roger Callen

images from previous exhibitions, meetings and events at Wan'din'in